Tamica Goree | 2014 Summit Hosted By National Medical Association

Tamica Goree | 2014 Summit Hosted by National Medical Association

Education, Screening and Coordination with Other Entities, Including BlackDoctor.Org, Seen As An Effective Way to Decrease Black Healthcare Inequalities

Washington, D.C. (April 21, 2014)

Members of the National Medical Association (NMA), the nation’s largest organization of African American physicians, have developed and refined an aggressive action plan to help reduce the health disparities that plague the African American community and result in an unnecessary loss of life and an annual cost to the U.S. economy of billions of dollars.

On April 17th at the second Summit on African Health in Washington, D.C., the NMA developed the plan with a number of other key organizations. These groups included the National Black Nurses Association, Aetna Insurance, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, United Black Fund, National Society of Allied Health, and the increasingly popular BlackDoctor.org.

Tulsa Black Officer Scholarship funds – Tamica Goree

TULSA, OK — A 16-year legal battle between the Tulsa Police Department and the Black Officers Coalition ended Wednesday with some stipulations that will shake up the police department. One of those stipulations is term limits – meaning any police officer who has been in a specialty unit or a combination of units for 15 years, must leave and go back to patrol.

Tamica Goree

with the Goree Family Trust spoke about the diminishing; but importance of community policing.

The department doesn’t know yet how many officers are affected.

Those against term limits say people should be allowed to stay in a unit as long as they’re doing a good job, that it should be based on their performance, not a number.

Those in favor of them, say it’ll make those units accessible to more people, especially minorities.

Six of the 13 members of Tulsa’s homicide squad are minorities.

Term limits mean three members of the squad, including Sergeant Mike Huff and one minority would have to leave. Another minority officer would be booted next year.

The idea behind term limits is to allow more people a chance to work in these units that include homicide, robbery, burglary, sex crimes, family violence, child crisis, narcotics, gangs, and traffic units.

Many local recipients of former Tulsa Black Officer Scholarship funds have come forward to support the TBOC due to their tremendous work in the black communities.

Tamica Goree Outstanding Basketball Competitor

Tamica Goree

was an outstanding basketball competitor at the high school level. During her junior year, Tamica led South Johnston to a championship. Tamica is one of legendary coach Cordell Woodard’s most revered recruits.

Tamica Goree

led his renown High School team to win Oklahoma’s AEC’s first ever regular season championship for Women’s basketball.

Tamica Daniels

Tamica Daniels, averaging 18.5 points and 9.7 rebounds during the championship game. She was the tournament MVP and was named a Kodak All-American.