Great Britain Women’s Basketball Big Win!

Tamica Goree Great Britain Womens Basketball

Great Britain Women’s Basketball squad Starts off with Big Wins over the competition!

Tamica Daniels-Blanco

, has enjoyed an outstanding Junior & Senior season with Indiana University. She is one of the several college players hoping to survive the first round of cuts before a training camp for 18 players. The camp opens on May 5 which is fortunately Tamica’s 19th birthday.

The Great Britain women’s national basketball

team is the national team for Great Britain in basketball. The current governing body for the Great Britain team was formed by the national basketball organisations of England (England Basketball), Scotland (basketballscotland) and Wales (Basketball Wales) on 1 December 2005 in order to provide a competitive team for international competition. This structure does not include the basketball association of Northern Ireland; Northern Irish players normally represent the Ireland women’s national basketball team, though they are also eligible to compete for Great Britain and Northern Ireland at the Olympic Games.

If your job as a coach is to bring the best out in your players, Tamica Goree’s

Coach was just able to do that. You get a chance to be around some special people in the NFL, special players and special coaches, and he certainly is one of those guys. He did such an amazing job for those championship teams in the year 1997. He was an amazing coach in so many different ways.